Frequently asked questions


Question: Is there a best time to sell my house? 

·      Properties sell year round. It is mostly a function of supply and demand, as well as other economic factors.

·      The time of year you choose to sell can make a difference in the amount of time it takes and the final selling price.

·      As a general rule the real estate market picks up in the early spring following a seasonal lull in the winter months.

 Question: Are there important factors to consider when selling a home? 

·      The two most important factors are price and condition in selling a home.

·      The first step is to price it properly.

·      Go through the house to see if there are any cosmetic defects that can be repaired.

·      It is also important that the home gets the exposure it deserves through open houses, advertising, good signage and listing on the local multiple listing services, as well as the internet.

·      Choose the Realtor that you believe will get the job done, not the one that quotes you the highest price - sometimes just to buy your listing.

Question: How much is my home worth? 

There are two methods many people use to determine their homes value:

·      Appraisal

·      Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

·      Appraisers review numerous factors and base information on recent sales of similar properties, their location, square footage, construction quality, excess land, views, water frontage and amenities such as garages, number of baths, etc.

·      A comparative market analysis on the other hand is an informal estimate of market value performed by a Realtor or broker.

·      It is based on sales and listings that will compete with your property that are similar in size, style and location. A range of values will be determined thus arriving at a probable market value. 

Question: What should I do to get my house ready? 

·      Declutter- counter tops, walls and rooms.

·      Too many "things" make it difficult for the buyer to see their possessions in your rooms or on your walls, however don't strip everything completely or it will appear stark and inhospitable.

·      Then clean and make attractive all rooms, furnishings, floors, walls and ceilings. It's especially important that the bathroom and kitchen are spotless.

·      Curb Appeal- People driving by a property will judge it from outside appearances and make a decision then as to whether or not they want to see the inside.

 Question: What do I do if my house isn't getting activity? 

·      Price and condition are the two most important factors in selling a home.

·      If a home is not getting the activity, it needs in order to sell it is probably because it is overpriced for the market.

·      Make sure that the home is getting the exposure it deserves through open houses, broker open houses, advertising, good signage and a listing on the multiple listing service and internet.

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How will you tell me about the newest homes available?

·      The Multiple Listing Service Website provides up-to-date information for every home on the market.

·      I constantly check the New on Market list so I can be on the lookout for my clients.

·      I will get you this information right away, the way that is most convenient for you; by phone and/or email.


Will you inform me of homes from all real estate companies or only Keller Williams Realty?

·      I will keep you informed of all homes. I want to help you find your dream home, which means I need to stay on top of every home that's available on the market.


Can you help me find new construction homes?

·      Yes, I can work with most builders and get you the information you need to make a decision.

·      On your first visit with the builder, I will accompany you.

·      By using my services with a new construction home purchase, you will receive the services I offer, as well as those provided by the builder, at no additional cost.


How does for sale by owner (FSBO) work?

·      Homeowners trying to sell their home without agent representation are usually doing so in the hopes of saving the commission.

·      If you see a FSBO and want the advantages of my services, let me contact the owner for you and make an appointment.

·      Most times the homeowner will work with an agent, even though their home is not listed, since the agent is introducing a potential buyer to their property.


Can we go back through our property again once an offer is made, but before possession?

·      Usually, we can notify the seller and schedule a convenient time to visit the property again.

·      Immediately before the closing, we will schedule a final walk-through and inspection of your new home.


Once my offer is accepted, what should I do?

·      Celebrate and focus on moving into your new home!

·      You will want to schedule your move, pack items and notify businesses of your address change.

·      I will provide you with a moving checklist to help you remember all the details.

·      I will also give you a good faith estimate and HUD statement, which will indicate the amount you will need to bring to closing.


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